Does blockchain technology have the power to create innovative products, market opportunities and competitive advantage for your organization? What will be its role in your process of digital transformation, sustainable business leadership and entrepreneurship?

Less than 2% of blockchain projects succeed. Will you be part of the other 98% or do you have:
o Blockchain expertise and organization-wide understanding
o A strategic vision and consistent plan for gradual progress
o Realistic expectations and goals
o Assessment tools for projects and bottom-line objectives
o Top management buy-in and support
o Well-defined and very specific areas of application where only open public blockchains can add value

We think blockchain implementations should have a positive impact on:
o Efficiency
o Security
o Transparency
o Provenance
o Three-way accounting
The resulting ecosystem of an implementation is what we call a trust network that provides an extra layer of guarantee in their business; internally and externally.

To share our conviction we have bundled believes and expertise in our service offering for customers:
o Vision: Blockchain and business strategy
· Vision development, support and tools
· Project assessment tool and scorecards
· Executive education
· Project management
o Thought leadership
· Center of expertise and skills network
· Employee training and organization-wide awareness
· Challenge the champion (lone wolves)
o Implementations
· Solution design and Open Source development of “an extra layer of guarantee”
· Implementations of “the extra layer of guarantee”